Cooking Challenge Inspired by Buzzfeed Tasty’s “I Draw, You Cook” Show

Unicorn party drawing comes to life

Matilda and I are currently obsessed with Buzzfeed Tasty’s “I Draw, You Cook” on Hulu and YouTube. While watching the show, Matilda had a gleam in her eye😍. She asked for some art supply and started working on her drawing. 

Uh-oh. I think I know what’s going to happen next! 

There are 3 seasons available on Hulu.
Each episode is about 10 to 15 minutes long.

Matilda challenged me to a real life episode of “I Draw, You Cook!”

What can I say but…


The premise is pretty genius and diabolical. A child comes up with an original drawing and a chef makes their vision come to life. Then the chef’s creation gets an honest critique from the child via some choice emojis. In later episodes, there are two chefs that competes to bring the drawing to life. 

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?😱😨😏

There are no recipes! The chef only has the drawing and the child’s imaginative instructions to follow. There’s a high likelihood that it could go horribly wrong and be a disastrous mess!

Matilda in deep thoughts about the challenge.
Her vision of unicorns and cake for Chef Mommy.

If you’ve met Matilda, you would know that she has a slight obsession with unicorns🦄. So naturally, her vision would be full of the magical creatures🦄 and sweet treats🍩🍪🧁. It’s also clear that she doesn’t have any love for fruits or veggies❌🛑⛔🥑🥬🥦!

A box of classic yellow cake mix.
Key ingredients for success.

I had two simple requirement:

  1. Needs to be EASY
  2. Doesn’t require a trip to the market

Matilda’s requirements were:

  1. There must be chocolate, vanilla and frosting.
  2. There are unicorns at the party.
  3. It needed to be as close to the drawing as possible.
Four types of cupcakes: Marshmallows, Pink, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip

So this is how I broke it down in my mind.

Luckily, my requirements were easily fulfilled. I found a box of Duncan Hine’s Yellow Cake Mix in the cupboard, so no shopping was required👩🏽‍🍳🙌🏽! It was exactly what I needed and all I had to do was add oil, water & eggs. Mix and bake. 

The cupcakes🧁 had to be colorful🌈. So I divided the cake mix into 4 batches. The first cupcake was double chocolate🍫! I made it by mixing in cocoa powder and chocolate chips. 

For the pink cupcakes, I used Suncore Food’s Pink Pitaya Dragon Fruit Powder. It’s a natural food coloring free of dyes and preservatives. It yielded a beautiful vibrant pink color! 

The last two mixtures were just variations of the yellow cake. I added marshmallows to one and chocolate chips in the other. 

Matilda's collection of My Little Pony
An assortment of vegetables

Matilda had some My Little Pony figures were perfect party guests. We also had a great cast of vegetables🍅🥦🥑 dying to crash this epic unicorn party. 

Watch our premiere episode of "I Draw, You Cook" to find out how it went!


I'm a busy mom of 2 active kids. Cooking is my passion and I love to make food for my family. Since being on the keto journey, I've lost 40 pounds. By changing the way I ate, I changed my body from flab to fab.

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