Air Fry Kabocha Fries 🍟

Air fry kabocha fries cooked to a perfect golden brown
Air fry kabocha fries cooked to a perfect golden brown

Have you guys tried Kabocha squash yet?

It’s so good! To me, it’s kind of a miracle vegetable that can be used as a great low carb substitute for potatoes, particularly sweet potatoes (my favorite♥️). It’s sweet and delicious.

I have used Kabocha in a few recipes and I’m always pleased with the results. I made Banh Tet, a Vietnamese pastry to celebrate the New Year, and it was a great mung bean dupe.

Kabocha goes great in curry. I’ve used it in several curry dishes. They are a great addition to soups too. In addition to savory dishes, they can serve as a great substitute for pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Today, I made Air Fry Kabocha Wedges. Oh my goodness, it was so good. I have always love sweet potato anything. Since going keto, I haven’t been eating sweet potato fries.

The key to preparing Kabocha is to microwave it for a few minutes before cutting into it. It’s easier to cut when it’s soft, otherwise you’ll be using a lot of strength to crack it open. Trust me, I’ve tried both ways.

Air Fry Kabocha Fries

A low carb option if you've missed sweet potato fries.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time10 mins


  • Air Fryer
  • Microwave


  • 1 whole Kabocha Squash


  • Microwave Kabocha for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the size.
  • Let it cool and cut in half. Scoop out all the seeds.
  • Cut into even slices or wedges.
  • Spray air fryer basket with avocado or olive oil.
  • Lay fries in one layer so that it can crisp up evenly.
  • Air fry for 10 minutes at 300°-350°F. Depending on how crispy you want it, increase the temp or time after the 10 minutes.
  • Toss fries with with salt and/or your favorite seasoning.



If this is your first time, stay close and monitor the fries so it doesn't burn. All air fryers are little bit different. I have the Cuisinart AF and am familiar with how it works. Yours my run hotter or cooler.

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