Let me share 10 reasons why I❤to cook:

    1. I ❤ TO EAT!!!  
    2. I have two kids who are picky eaters.
    3. It was not a pleasurable experience to go to restaurants with picky eaters. 
    4. I got the Instant Pot at the end of 2015 and learned to cook.
    5. I wanted to lose weight because I ballooned up after weaning my son.
    6. I went on the KETO diet and it wasn’t so bad.
    7. I realized that I liked cooking👩‍🍳 and was really good at it.
    8. People who follow my keto weight loss journey found my story inspirational and helpful.
    9. Cooking makes me happy – I get giddy when I find a new recipe to try.
    10. I found out that most recipes can be made low carb & keto friendly with the right ingredients.