Starting A Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

I Got Furloughed From My 9-5

On May 7th, I got the notice that I was furloughed. This is the video that I made the day after the notice. I had 24 hours to reflect and it helped me kicked Cooking With Mai Tai into high gear. 

For the past several months, I have been figuring out how to share my cooking with people. I may have figured out a way. I have been networking like crazy via Facebook and Instagram.

I joined a group of leaders at Asian Hustle Network (AHN) on Facebook. This group is nothing like any groups I’ve been a part of because it’s full of people like me being featured front and center. 

I’ve met so many friends who are hustlers, dreamers and action takers. They have immigrant stories and upbringing similar to mine. It’s amazing that during this time of uncertainty and economic downturn, there are so many people pivoting and creating positivity with what they have.

My YouTube channel grew to over 100 subscribers. It was a BIG DEAL for me because I was able to get a personalized 📽YouTube link 🌐www.youtube.com/cookingwithmaitai 🌐!

My Instagram followers surpassed the 1K mark a few weeks ago. I’m finally getting genuine engagement and comments on my posts. It makes my heart🧡💙💛 so happy when I see a comment saying how much value I provide.

Things are finally falling into place. I have put A LOT of work into Cooking With Mai Tai. This started out as a place for me to share what I made for dinner, which eventually evolved into sharing my keto transformation journey. I am inspired by the people in the keto community. Most are “regular” people who initially went on keto for weight loss, but stayed for the health benefits.

I will be doing regular updates to share what’s #cookingwithmaitai ‘s business journey! 

Until then, thank you for your support and love!



I'm a busy mom of 2 active kids. Cooking is my passion and I love to make food for my family. Since being on the keto journey, I've lost 40 pounds. By changing the way I ate, I changed my body from flab to fab.

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